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Defining work to achieve role clarity and accountability. It's what we do.

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clirico specializes in defining work and operationalizing organizational requirements

For more than 25 years, we have been developing processes and tools designed to proactively and methodically address common workplace challenges. We are known for:

  • Our ability to systematically and accurately define the day-to-day work to be performed across an entire organization.
  • Our work on accountability and competency.
  • Our ability to operationalize legislative requirements, core services and strategic initiatives.
  • Our highly effective, straight-forward easy-to-use management and human resources tools that can be readily implemented and customized.

Guiding principles for success at work...

We believe that successful organizations ensure that everyone knows and understands what they are accountable for and how their work contributes to organizational success.

We believe that the accurate identification and allocation of accountability for the day-to-day work to be performed significantly enhances productivity, staff morale and lowers stress within the workplace.

We believe that health and safety is a shared accountability from leadership to front-line staff and that everyone must individually and collectively do their part to contribute to a healthy and safe workplace.

Safe together at Work!™

Helping our essential workplaces manage their COVID-19 Pandemic Response.

Whether you are a Manager or Health and Safety Coordinator within a congregate supportive living facility or a local government, or if you are serving as a Volunteer Fire Chief – our team is here to support you!

  • Our special Pandemic Management Editions of our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ Series is designed specifically for each of the essential workplaces that we currently serve.
  • As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to evolve we will keep in-step with Public Health Orders and the latest Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Protocols and measures to be implemented specific to your workplace.
  • We are pleased to provide you with these timely sector-specific tools.
  • There is a way forward. Together, we can make a difference.

We partner with our clients to develop true industry-specific solutions.

At clirico, we dedicate our tools to all our clients—past, present and future. Our products and services represent the collective knowledge and experience of our team and each of those individuals and organizations that we are fortunate enough to work with. The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series is a celebration of our shared learning.

Helping to bring out the best in people.

At clirico, we seek to understand what is required for organizational success. We are driven to help people achieve their best and excel in all that they do. Our team is committed to creating high quality processes and tools, which support our learnings and philosophies and achieve maximum results to meet the needs of our clients.