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and services to enhance organizational effectiveness.

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Supportive Living

Independent Living, Lodges, Enhanced Supportive Living, and Designated Assisted Living

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Local Government

Villages, Towns, Cities, Counties, Regional Districts, Community Governments, and First Nations  

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Fire Departments

Volunteer and Composite
Fire Departments
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While the OEHQ™ is already customized for the above sectors. Feel free to reach out to discuss how the platform could work for your organization.

Organizational enhancement HQ™

Support Services


OEHQ™ Content Management Training

Virtual training designed to set internal OEHQ™ Coordinators up for success

  • Learn how to independently customize and administer your organization’s version of the Organizational Enhancement HQ™.
  • An OEHQ™ Trainer will lead you through a guided tour of the platform's administration system. Basic content management topics will be covered regarding the posting and editing of content to help ensure that your OEHQ™ remains current.
  • One-on-one or group sessions are available.
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Customization Support

OEHQ™ Content Customization Support Services

  • This tailored solution is designed to assist your organization in the customization and implementation of the Organizational Enhancement HQ™.
  • A designated OEHQ™ Advisor will guide your organization through a step-by-step customization process to ensure the pre-loaded Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ content aligns with your operations.
  • Your Advisor will also assist with uploading your own internal know-how to ensure your OEHQ™ houses the information your staff needs at their fingertips for job success.
  • Ongoing content management services are available. However, following the initial customization support services provided, your internal OEHQ™ Coordinator can readily maintain your OEHQ™.
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Consulting Services

Organizational and Staff Development Consulting Services

  • Defining the day-to-day work and accountability associated with operationalizing legislative and organizational requirements is our firm’s area of expertise.
  • Our industry-specific Accountability Frameworks™ form the foundation of our Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ series. As the developer of these works, we can help to further define core service areas or conduct core service reviews.
  • We can also assist with strategic planning, restructuring of your organization, or determining/validating appropriate staffing complements to align with workload requirements specific to your operations.
  • Contact us to learn more how we can support your organization as you strive for ongoing excellence.
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Executive Coaching

Virtual Executive Coaching Services

  • Executive coaching services for senior managers and department heads.
  • Work with a coach to set personal and professional goals.
  • Enhance your managerial skills and fully embrace your role as a leader and manager.
  • Examine specific workplace challenges and work with your coach to explore effective strategies to help you and your organization move forward.
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ClearWork™ System

The ClearWork™ System is designed to systematically bring clarity to your workplace and is ‘the clearest path to achieving organizational success’.

Bring clarity to your workplace.