Supportive Living Excellence™

Set your Board, CAO, management and staff up for success with the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Supportive Living Edition preloaded on your OEHQ™.

Organizational and industry standards at your fingertips

The Organizational Enhancement HQ™ helps keep everyone on the same page
in your commitment to provide exemplary services to the residents you serve.

Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™
for Supportive Living

OEHQ™ Dashboard
Customize the preloaded Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ content to
align with your operations, and upload your own internal know-how!

Instructional guidance and information available to your staff 24/7

OEHQ™ defines the work to be performed, and facilitates the onboarding of new or temporary staff with ease

Operationalizes supportive living and resident care government standards

Ensures government licensing requirements are known and operationalized to ensure compliant service delivery to your residents

Government and health and safety audit ready

Readily supports audit processes from accommodation and care standards to OH&S

Even More Benefits

Consistent Service Delivery

Ensures a single point for all staff – including casual or temporary staff – to access instructional information in relation to service delivery excellence and job success

Legal Compliance

Ensures legislative and organizational standards are known and readily accessible to all staff

Quality Control

Captures data to reduce liability and errors


Embeds accountability throughout the organization and achieves tremendous role clarity


Provides consistent, comprehensive and fully aligned documentation across the organization.

Health and Safety

Fosters safe work environments


Enhances operational efficiency, including employee turn-over efficiencies

Performance Management

Provides a system to effectively measure success

Risk Management

Serves as an excellent risk management tool

Resource Development

Maximizes valuable organizational resources

Core Values

Increases staff morale and job satisfaction, and ultimately reduces stress in the workplace

Organizational Culture

Enhances decision making, communication and collaboration throughout the organization

Standard Modules Included

OEHQ™ for Supportive Living includes the following modules:

Governance & Leadership

Site Management & Administration

Social & Leisure Services

Resident Care Services

Food Services

Housekeeping Services

Social Housing Services

Health and Safety

Pandemic Response

Each module includes the following foundational tools.
Readily customize the content with ease!

Accountability Frameworks

Accountability Frameworks™ are the keystone of the OE-Toolkit and describe the areas of accountability, the work to be performed, and how success will be measured in relation to a given core service area.

Key Process Steps

Key process steps map standardized workflows necessary by the collective efforts of those responsible to carry out job functions associated with a specific Accountability Framework™.


Policies govern the work that is required and defines the parameters in which personnel must work. Customize governance, operational and personnel policies to align with your supportive living organization.

Safe Work Procedures

Safe work practices, protocols, preventative measures, and general routine procedures to be followed within your workplace(s) are provided for key core service areas. Outbreak management Safe Work Protocols are also included, along with an Outbreak Management - Worker Code of Practice.

Health and Safety Program

A health and safety management system aligning with OH&S legislative requirements, health and safety audit standards, and OH&S best practices, is embedded within each core module.

Role Profiles

Role Profiles™ outlining positional areas of accountability, primary job functions, performance standards, and the identification of skills required for job success, provide role clarity across the organization.

Operational Support Tools

Tools to support data collection, records management and analysis, along with recommended internal materials for upload that would further support and enhance service delivery (e.g. Approved Menus, Strategic Plan, etc.)

And much more...

Links to legislation, government standards, industry resources. Together, customized OE-Toolkit content blended with your own internal know-how, offers a complete one-stop shop for your employees to readily access the information they need to demonstrate Supportive Living Excellence™.

Now everyone in your organization… truly on the same page!

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