Fire Service Excellence™

Setting Volunteer Fire Departments and their Local Governments serving as the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) up for long-term success

Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - fire services edition

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The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ – Fire Services Edition provides a blueprint for operational success for AHJs and Volunteer Fire Departments.

The Toolkit is intended to encapsulate Fire Service accountability and operational best practices to achieve Fire Service Excellence™.”

  • Assists AHJs in achieving role clarity regarding the governance, management and administration of its Fire Services through the systematic operationalization of AHJ legal requirements, and government and firefighting industry standards.
  • Defines job accountabilities and the day-to-day work associated with Volunteer Fire Department Operations (i.e. management and administration, training operations, firehall operations, emergency response operations, etc.).
  • Assists AHJs and Volunteer Fire Departments in determining appropriate personnel complements, resources and supports
  • Includes a Fire Service occupational health and safety management system, human resource management tools, and much more.
organizational enhancement toolkit™

Safe Together At Work!™
Pandemic Management Edition- for Volunteer Fire Departments

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Forging strong working relationships between Local Government's serving as the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) and its Volunteer Fire Departments is essential to the long-term sustainability of volunteer-based Fire Services (including composite Fire Departments).

clirico has embarked on a two-year research and development project in partnership with the qathet Regional District located in Powell River, British Columbia, who are working with us to help set a standard for Fire Service Excellence™. As we near completion of the Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Fire Services Edition, clirico is seeking additional pilot sites to help us validate this exciting new tool. If your Local Government or Volunteer Fire Department would like to be a part of helping to set Fire Services up for success, please contact us to learn more about this opportunity.

Serving as a Volunteer Fire Chief? 

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What types of challenges currently impact your Volunteer Fire Department?

A critical part of our research and development is to ensure we more fully understand the challenges that face Volunteer Fire Departments, especially Volunteer Fire Chiefs. Ensuring that these new tools truly make a difference is important to us. As a result of spending time with Volunteer Fire Chiefs, and our extensive research regarding Fire Service requirements, our team has gained such a huge appreciation for the significant contributions made by Volunteer Fire Chiefs on a daily basis!

Fire Services, regardless of structure (i.e. career, composite or volunteer), are required to train to the same standards and must comply with the same level of regulatory scrutiny. While Volunteer Fire Departments have traditionally operated relatively at arm’s length of their respective AHJs (local governments) and have been afforded a great deal of autonomy; with the ever-increasing demands placed on Fire Services, there is a critical need for Local Governments and their Volunteer Fire Departments to determine how best to address current realities that are resulting in increased workloads - especially for our Volunteer Fire Chiefs. There is a need to ensure role clarity between AHJs and Volunteer Fire Departments, so that Fire Services are appropriately resourced and supported. The Organizational Enhancement Toolkit™ - Fire Services Edition sets out to assist with helping to gain such clarity and to bridge any resource gaps.

We are deeply committed to developing an organizational system and tools that emulate a model Fire Service and support the long-term sustainability of volunteer-based Fire Services (including composite Fire Departments).

If you are a Volunteer Fire Chief, we would really value your perspective. Help us make a difference. We would like to learn more about the types of challenges that face your Volunteer Fire Department, along with your thoughts on how you would describe Fire Service Excellence™.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Help us define Fire Service Excellence™

Your input is greatly appreciated. Again - thanks so much for serving your community - especially during these unprecedented times.

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